Inside-Outside Space (IOS)

JointKit’s new concept for safe dining in
pubs and restaurants

The Inside-Outside Space has been specially designed for pubs and restaurants. It is a solid timber framed building which will provide customers with a safe and comfortable dining area which is protected from the elements and can be heated in winter.  

(artists impression – approx. 5m x 5m)

Safe pub dining in our Inside-Outside Space

  •  Gives customers peace of mind – complies with 2m Social distancing
  • Affordable and Customisable
  • Upgradeable – e.g. to full weather protection
  • Quirky dining out an attraction in itself
  • Business protection against infection upsurge.
  • No concrete foundations or slabs
  • Build in less than 3 days.
  • Easily dismantled and stored for next year’s season, or for selling on.
  • No planning permission needed normally – Planning Advice package available.
  • Cost of standard 4m x 4m Inside-Outside Space kit is £2,394 for one 4 bay space separated by 2mx2m screen panels
  • Return on investment (ROI) – 100% in 8 days based on average cover sale £20 per head, 60% occupancy, 4 sittings per day, 30% net profit.

 Please contact us below to discuss an I-O S to suit your business/requirements

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