No Concrete Foundations Needed


The JointKit buildings are timber frame mini-houses, but without concrete foundations and brick cladding.

You do need something to stop your new mini-house dropping through the earth.

We use a specialised ground support system that is non-invasive and environmentally friendly.

JointKit Specialised Ground Support System


  • 2 pieces of geotextile 1m square
  • 1 bag gravel (use twice)
  • 1 only 45 x 450 x 450mm
  • Supergreen Grid
  • 1 only 45 x 450 x 450 Paving
  • slab
  • 15 minutes of time

Instructions (repeat for each joint)

Step 1

Dig 500mm square hole 150mm deep. Get the bottom of the hole level and reasonably smooth

Step 2

Line the hole with geotextile bringing it up the sides of the hole and over the edges

Step 3

Cover the geotextile with the gravel to a depth of about25mm

Step 4

Line the hole with the second piece of geotextile bringing it up the sides and over the edge like the first piece.

Step 5

Place the grid onto the geotextile and fill with gravel to top of the grid & round the sides.


Place the paving slab on top of grid

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