The revolutionary new patented timber frame building system

Built to customised size & specification

Nothing's Set in Stone! Size Doesn't Matter!

JointKit offers buildings to fit your available space and with design suggestions.

Answers your requirements for offices, workshops, studios, annexes, gyms, and garages – to name a few.

Our tried and tested patent-applied-for system uses sustainable construction grade timber for high quality frames.

Our Unique Selling Points 

Flexibility – patent applied for system fits all sizes

Planning permission – not normally required 

Available with electric & insulation packs

No concrete foundations or rafts

Potential tax cashback

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How JointKit Works

How JointKit Began

JointKit was launched at the Grand Designs Excel Exhibition in May 2019 generating considerable interest in this new building concept. The inventor, Peter Bucklitsch, says his product will simplify the building of timber framed structures.

JointKit reduces the time, is environmentally friendly, sustainable and affordable! 

TTJ Awards 2019- Timber Innovation
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Since the launch JointKit was a finalist in the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) TTJ Awards 2019 – Timber Innovation. It was also selected for the Innovation Zone by Build It UK.

Planning Permission

Q1 – Is planning permission required?

Not normally but there are exceptions – see FAQ

Q2 – Do I need planning permission for an annexe?

Normally Yes, but the JointKit buildings are exempt under the Caravan Acts

Q3 – Can I claim tax allowances for my garden office?

Yes.  These offices are removable chattels and can be claimed in the same way you would claim for office equipment.

Q4 – Can JointKit help with my planning enquiries?



  1. Why are no concrete foundations needed

The JointKit buildings are strong timber framed structures and concrete foundations are not needed as the frame is strong enough to support the roof, walls and floor and cladding. 

  1. Where can you find examples of houses built like this?

Most houses in the USA build the complete house with a timber frame and some sort of cladding, usually wood, is fixed to the frame like your JointKit building.

  1. How do you stop the building sinking into the earth?

We use a specialised ground support system that is non-invasive, environmentally friendly and inexpensive. The support system uses the Suregreen PP50 pavers which each support a minimum of 25,000kg so using the normal 6 support sets the weight of the building can be 150 tonnes. That’s equal to 25 African elephants – if you can squeeze them in!